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Student Storage Services in Green Island, NY



Since most campus residence halls don’t allow students to keep their belongings at school over the summer, students are faced with either finding a place to store everything or moving their belongings back home for the summer.

Worry no more we are coming to you!!!

- We offer to bring mobile storage right to your campus load up and leave in the same day.
- We offer a student discount for the 1st 3months of your summer vacation and original rate their after.
- We offer additional discounts on the moving services as well so you’ll be saving in all aspect of your storage needs.

Let’s compare using our storage units to moving everything home over your summer break.

  • Cost – For those who have a lot of stuff and a long trip home, a car may not cut it. If you have large furniture to take home, you could end up having to rent a moving truck just to fit it all in a single trip. Moving trucks rentals are often based on distance but could easily cost around $100 one way. You can save yourself a lot of money and hassle by having us do all this for you and only thing you have to do is hop in the car and go home once we have everything. Oh yeah did I mentioned we offer a flat cost to come to you and move everything so no more hourly charge you know the total cost before we get to your door!!!!
  • Convenience – Moving everything home just to move it all back to school a few short months later is the opposite of convenience. Leaving dorm belongings in our storage near your campus is a much more convenient option.

Do you fall in any one of these categories? Then this is for you.

  • Studying Abroad – Studying abroad is an amazing experience that many college students take advantage of while going to school. Since you’ll be gone for a semester or more, you may need a place to keep your things. Storage can be an excellent resource.
  • Studying in Large/Expensive Cities – Some universities and colleges aren’t located in small college towns. For students who are attending school in larger or more expensive cities, it’s easy to save space and money on housing by using storage. Instead of paying more for a larger place, you can use a storage unit to expand your living space.
  • In-Between Leases – Some college students choose to live near their campus all year while working or interning over their summer breaks. If you’re renting a place off-campus and your lease is coming to an end, storage can bridge the gap between leases.

I was told college students are notoriously frugal, so they know a good deal when they see one.

So I ask do you notice a great deal yet!!!!

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