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Referral Program

Gift Card

Thank you for being a part of Mack’s Moving Family. As gratitude of our appreciation, we would love for you to join our Referral Program. Now, what this entail is; for every customer you send our way and we book you will receive a $20 Gift card in additional based on the number of dollars spent by that customer you will receive 1 point per $1 spent. Those points will be redeemable once a year in December of the current year for a prize which will be listed below.

Prizes/Points Needed:

50’ Flat Screen TV Ultra HD 21,875 Points
PS4 slim 500GB 17,500 Points
Tablet 13,125 Points
5 Massage Voucher 21,875 Points
$200 value Gift Card 14,875 Points

To signup please fill out the first form on this page
(Your full name, your phone number, email and mailing address). Once we receive your info we will send you a confirmation email saying your all set to go!!! Now there is a 2nd submission form on this Page use that to submit your refer customer. 

Terms and Conditions

After we book every job we notify you that your $20 gift card is on the way. If we didn’t book we will notify that we didn’t book and there wouldn’t be any reward but don’t give up we have top notch moving consultants here and with our great service we offer we won’t let you down. Once the service is completed we will send you a Thank you email letting you know the service was completed with your update points you currently have that again will be redeemable in December of the current year received. Points do not carry over due to prize amount changing from year to year.
If the customer cancels before move upon booking you would have been rewarded the gift card but you wouldn’t receive points toward awesome rewards. Again we have an awesome follow up program which we look to prevent cancellations to best our ability.

Thank you so much on Joining our great family and we look to grow our network getting even better prizes as we go on.